Advanced Motorcycle Training

With the emphasis on safety, advanced training is carried out to a police style advanced system which is based on the advanced rider’s manual “Motorcycle Roadcraft”

We are fully qualified by the DVSA to conduct the ERS or Enhanced rider scheme training and can train you up to the I.A.M or R.O.S.P.A standard.  We can also train potential blood bike riders and a certificate of successful completion issued by ourselves can also reduce your insurance premium.


This is how we typically conduct the ERS training…..


On booking, you will be initially given some “homework” to study to help you when doing the initial assessment. This is as follows:


Purchase a copy of Motorcycle Roadcraft, the police rider’s manual and study “IPSGA” and its application to hazards.

Go onto our YouTube channel “Roadcraft Nottingham” and carefully study the following uploads:

“General positioning and common mistakes”

“Advanced positioning demo 2020”

“How to assess corners, bends or curves”


The first session which is an assessment/lesson takes two hours and includes a ride, taking in as many different road situations as possible.  At the end of the session, you be marked on what we call core modules and sent away with more homework to practise before the next session.


The following session, typically around three to four hours will take in extensive countryside roads around Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Lincolnshire and will improve your cornering techniques, speed in bends, forward planning skills and will improve fuel efficiency and passenger friendliness through systematic riding and concentration. There will be a working lunch stop half way through if you decide to do the full day training, otherwise it’ll be a coffee stop or two. We also use helmet cam video footage if required to see the progress you make throughout the day and you will receive the original footage of the day if you bring in a minimum of a 32gb memory stick/card. The more you practise after the first session, the easier this session is.

If you reach the required standard for the ERS you will receive an email from the DVSA with your certificate attached which is an official advanced qualification and may help reduce your insurance.  If the standard isn’t reached by the end of the session, you can book further training with us.  The prices are listed below.

Since starting the advanced courses, we have had excellent reviews (see our testimonials page) or call us at our motorcycle shop on (0115) 837 0240

Our Prices

Advanced Training Day

(2 Pupils to 1 instructor ratio)

£150.00 each

1-to-1 Advanced Training Day


1to1 Advanced Lessons

£35.00 per hour

Price excludes any refreshments.

All of our courses are subject to our Terms & Conditions. If you have any questions Contact Us

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